Disabled Pig Gets Wheels from Nashua, Fame from YouTube

Chris P. Bacon the disabled piglet is burning rubber – and burning up the Internet.

Chris P. Bacon is some pig, all right. Some lucky pig

His story is a real heart-warmer, first aired locally on WMUR.

The pig's owner, a Florida veterinarian named Dr. Len Lucero, took in the tiny piglet, born with a heart defect and malformed hind legs. To help the scooting piglet, Lucero's son created a makeshift wheelchair from K'Nex construction toys. to enhance the little guy's determined but strained mobility efforts, which meant dragging himself around.

As luck would continue to have it, two weeks ago Lucero attended the North American Veterinary Conference in Florida, Jan. 19-23, where he learned about a Nashua company that makes custom wheelchairs for pets in need, handicappedpets.com. Lucero visted the booth to order a chair, and met with marketing director Lisa-Marie Mulkern, who watched the YouTube footage of Chris P. in action, and was moved to donate a Walkin' Wheels adaptive dog-chair for the piglet.

You can learn more via Chris P. Bacon's Facebook page, where there are plenty of photos and videos and links to news reports, and follow his progress via Twitter, @ChrisPBaconPig

And of course, enjoy the YouTube videos we've uploaded with this story.

Yes, that's some pig.

Bonnie Nelson February 03, 2013 at 06:34 PM
So precious, I usually don't like cutesy, but this guy is adorable. I'm a lifetime vegetarian, please consider Chris P the next time you think about eating meat.
Kathy Peterson February 05, 2013 at 11:31 PM
Wonderful he will get free assistance, and from Nashua! He is very cute, but probably born that way due to most corn feed now being Genetically Modified- planted from seeds having insecticide chemicals built in which helps farmers and Monsanto chemical company.


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