Help Bring Symphony NH to Holman Stadium

A 'Free Outdoor Summer Symphony Concert' could be a reality, with your help.

The old rhetorical question, "Who's on 2nd?" could take on new meaning, if the city can get behind Symphony NH's push to bring sweet music to Holman Stadium this summer.

Symphony NH wants to bring the wide world of orchestral music to Holman Stadium with a first-of-its-kind fundraiser. Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends.

From Indiegogo:

Building Community Through Music

We believe that music is for everyone.  Although we present a series of subscription concerts here in Nashua each year, we recognize that classical music in a concert hall presents barriers for some people, and with this project we hope to bring the music to them in a relaxed environment.  A free, outdoor summer concert of music for the whole family, in our local baseball stadium, in partnership with other performance organizations here in the city.

Since the City of Nashua has offered to pay technical costs (estimated at $10,500) for the concert, all we need to do is find enough money to cover the artists’ fees to rehearse and perform: we estimate this to be about $15,400 total. 

  • We have some great perks available for donors at various levels, including VIP seating, tickets to subscription concerts, Symphony CD’s, even full-blown sponsorship packages.  Check out the “perks” section for details! 
  • If we don’t reach our goal, we’ll look to local businesses and foundations to make up the difference.  If we can’t raise enough to do the program we’ve planned – which requires a pretty big orchestra – we may be able to offer a different program that requires fewer players. If we REALLY come up short, and can’t offer a free concert at all, we’ll use the funds raised to help pay for our educational outreach programs in Nashua’s public schools.

All the tools are there at Indiegogo. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates and do your part to make this 'Free, Outdoor Summer Symphony Concert' a reality.

Make sure you watch the YouTube video, which we've uploaded here with the story to learn more about this project from Symphony NH director Jonathan McPhee.


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