VIDEO: 'Twilight' Midnight Madness at Chunky's

It was all 'Twilight' all the time at Chunky's Cinema Pub, with every seat for every show in every theater sold out in advance.

Michelle Malonson is no stranger to obsessive-compulsive movie behavior.

"Harry Potter was my first. I was 6 when Harry Potter came out," said Malonson.

"She was Harry Potter for Halloween, that year, and she had a Harry Potter-themed birthday," said her mom, Patti Hoag.

However, that obsession was nothing, compared to her love of  the "Twilight" saga, which is why she and her mom and two sisters were sitting on the carpet inside the entrance to Chunky's playing Skip-Bo Thursday night, content to wait six hours for the sneak preview of the fifth and final Twilight movie.

"We got here at 4:30, to be first in line," said Malonson, of Nashua, playing cards with sister, Amber Shepard, of Hudson. Their other sister, Jessica Shepard, was listening to tunes on her headphones. Their mom was just enjoying a cinematic moment with her daughters.

They weren't the only family flocking to the movie theater, across the generations.

Vanessa Webb, 37, of Manchester, was first in line for the earlier double-feature, along with her mom, Cheryl Shepard, 56 – no relation to the other Shepards in the other line – and Shepard's three granddaughters, Chelsea Rivers, 11, Lexie Slade, 13 and Alyssa Rivers, 18.

"Our Gram is the biggest Twilight fan of all of us," said Chelsea Rivers, sporting a Twilight T-shirt and commemorative lanyard, as were her mom and grandmom.

Webb said she, too, is a lifelong sucker for movies with sequels.

"No, it's not my first movie obsession. I was also into 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Harry Potter,' and 'Star Wars.' Actually, I think my mom started it, back in the day, with 'Grease.' We all still love watching that movie together," Webb said.

Although they have seen every Twilight movie together so far, it will be their first time watching at Chunky's, which makes it more like a big event.

"Actually, we almost made this a road trip, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they're having a big to-do. We priced it out and everything, but I recently went back to school, and we would've had to leave yesterday. I couldn't miss class," Webb said.

The line at Chunky's for the two evening shows was out the door and down the sidewalk. That didn't account for those attending the marathon already in progress, which began at noon, showing all five "Twilight" movies in succession, said marketing director Mike Mannetta.

He said all shows in all three Chunky's had been sold out in advance for months – 1,000 seats in Nashua, 600 in Pelham and 350 in Haverhill, Mass.


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