Rude Receipt Tops Off Odd Dining Experience at Friendly's

Not-so-friendly outcome for one family at Friendly's.

After waiting 30 minutes for someone to take their order, and then getting the wrong food twice, Dawn Cunningham and family shouldn't have been so surprised when their server underscored the less than stellar dining out experience with a note that read: "100 Percent Sh*t Show" on their receipt.

Cunningham took the experience in stride when it happened last month at the Nashua Friendly's. WHDH has rest of the story, including a copy of the note left for the Cunninghams on their receipt.

“They had to have had it either entered into the cash register – or they had a [sh*t] show button,” Cunningham said.

The restaurant didn't charge the Cunninghams for the meal and issued an apology, saying they hoped they could make it up to the family.


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