5 Things: Eye Scans and MS

Snowy good morning to you all!

1. Let it Snow: It's what you've all been waiting for – especially the kids, who don't have to worry about missing school today. Enjoy the white stuff, and don't drive if you can stay put.

2. Guns for Groceries: Over the holiday people were pouring in to a Los Angeles parking lot with guns, looking for gift cards in exchange for the weapons. The drive-thru event brought out lots of guns – including about a dozen assault rifles – a turnout prompted in part by outrage over the recent shooting in Newtown, CT. Read more here.

3. Something Different this Weekend: Calligraphy demo at Nashua Library Sunday, Dec. 30, by Ryuho Hamano. Details here.

4. Senior Center Closed: Nashua Senior Center is closed today, FYI.

5. The Eyes Have It: A team at Johns Hopkins has published a break-through study involving eye scans that may give doctors a window into the progression of Multiple Sclerosis based on thinning of the retina. The study found people with MS relapses had much faster thinning of their retina than people with MS who had no relapses. So too did those whose level of disability worsened. Interested? Read more here.


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