5 Things: First World Problem Solved with HAPIfork?

Good Monday to you.

1. New Blog Post Today: Please welcome our newest blogger, Nashua Alderman Dan Moriarty – who after some prodding by your favorite Nashua Patch editor, has agreed to give this a whirl. How it went down: I was reading his Aldermanic Facebook page updates and thinking, "This would be a great conversation starter for our Patch community." I hope I'm right. Please welcome him by reading his first post, and offering some feedback, if you're so inclined. PS: All points of view are welcome here, so if you are a fellow Alderman – or teacher, CEO, banker, homemaker, metal worker, politician, bartender, mayor (hint hint) or future mayoral candidate (hint hint) – feel free to start blogging on Patch. Here's how.

2. Solving First World Problems, One Bite at a Time: If you haven't heard about the HAPIfork, it's a “high-tech” fork designed to monitor how quickly you’re eating. And if you are eating too quickly, it will vibrate in your mouth to tell you to slow down. It also records all this data and allows you to connect the fork to your computer and upload info to the cloud, so you can track your progress over time. It features a circuit that connects the handle of the utensil to the prongs at the end. Once you put the fork in your mouth to take a bite, it counts one serving. By interacting with both your hand and mouth, the fork can keep track of how many servings you eat. It's one of many high-tech devices featured at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, designed to help us monitor and control our food intake. Overdue or overkill?

3. Review and Comment Applications Due: If you are affiliated with any one of the city's non-profit groups, you should be well aware of the Jan. 15 deadline for the 2014 CDBG funding requests, awarded through the City of Nashua’s Review & Comment Process, to help local organizations provide services to people right here in the city. Last year's Review & Comment process got bogged down in paperwork and controversy. Here's hoping to a smoother 2013.

4. Flu Shots This Week: If you are still thinking about a flu shot, think no more: You can get one this week through the city's health department. More information here.

5. Golden Globes: Did you watch? I nominate Lena Dunham's shoes as most distracting performance in a Golden Globe stage walk. Tell us: Whose dress did you love/hate? Which award(s) surprised you? What did you think of Jodi Foster's monologue? And what did you think of Tina Fey/Amy Poehler's supporting roles as show hostesses?

Salli January 14, 2013 at 12:05 PM
The HAPIfork sounds like and amazing technological device; but, isn't it a rather sad comment that we need technology to tell us how fast and how much we are eating? Maybe smartphones need to tick off seconds so we can hear as we talk and eat!


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