Add Your Photos to Our Holiday Stroll 2012 Gallery

Photos are trickling in -- keep them coming via text or email!

We (you and me) are crowd-sourcing the Holiday Stroll, which means I'm relying on you to help me chronicle this year's festivities. I can't be everywhere, but I will be out there taking photos and video.

That's where you come in.

I am asking you to do the same, and to upload your best shots directly here, by clicking the "upload photos" button.

If you can't get to your computer, send me your photos or short video clips via text or email – like these posted above, already submitted by Kelly Wood, of Northern Ballet Theater Nutcracker prep, and Sarah-Marie Cole, who is at Stroll Jam/Rail Jam central on Main Street!

Find me at 603-903-4958 or carol.robidoux@patch.com


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