Mechanical Glitch Caused Garage Elevator Jam

Eight people were trapped in a city parking garage elevator Saturday that had a mechanical issue.

The city trapping eight people inside, had a mechanical error, according to Mark Sousa, the city's Transit Manager.

"As with most elevators, if there's a mechanical issue they stop, so it's a safety mechanism," Sousa said.

The Elm Street Parking Garage elevator shut down just after eight people, including Karin Cevasco and her family, got inside at about 8 p.m. on Nov. 24. They were on their way back to their car following the city's annual Holiday Stroll event. 

Cevasco share her experience with Nashua Patch readers, saying once called, city firefighters arrived quickly and pried the door open.

But she wondered what went wrong.

Sousa said it's the first time in recent memory that a city parking garage elevator has malfunctioned, leaving people stuck inside.

Once the group was rescued from the elevator, firefighters shut it down until morning, when a repairman from Stanley elevator came out to inspect the elevator.

"I'm not sure precisely what the problem was, but the mechanic said they actually found a couple of mechanical issues," Sousa said. "It was up and running again by early this afternoon."

The elevators are maintained weekly by Stanley, Sousa said.


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