Federal Cigar Launches E-Cigarette Educational Campaign

Federal Cigar launches educational campaign on E-cigarettes; It’s not smoking, it’s vaping

Famed cigar shop spreads the truth about E-cigarettes

PORTSMOUTH, NH - With a whirlwind of misinformation swirling around electronic, E-cigarettes, Federal Cigar, the area’s largest retailer of fine tobacco products, is looking to set the record straight through an educational campaign designed to separate fact from fiction when it comes to E-cigarettes.

Using E-cigarettes, known as vaping, has become increasingly popular, particularly for those trying to quit smoking. E-cigarettes provide a boost of nicotine similar to a traditional cigarette, but without the harmful chemicals associated with cigarettes, particularly tar. 

Many of the concerns over E-cigarettes have centered on their sale and marketing to minors, and rightfully so, says Brian Swaine, spokesman and Vapor Advisor for Cloud 9 Vapor and Federal Cigar. Swaine said, “Using E-cigarettes is an adult activity.” Per 2010 legislation, New Hampshire already bans the sale of E-cigarettes to minors, a law Federal Cigar strongly supports.

With E-cigarettes a relatively new product, there has been a rush in some states to establish E-cigarette bans without knowing all the facts. Just last week, officials in Chicago sought to ban E-cigarettes in public places. Massachusetts communities have also sought E-cigarette bans. A group of 40 Attorneys General, including New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster, signed a letter urging the Food and Drug Administration to begin regulating E-cigarettes like tobacco products.

“There is a great deal of misinformation being spread about E-cigarettes by those looking to mislead the public into believing E-cigarettes are dangerous,” Swaine said. “There are a number of myths circulating, myths that have been refuted through scientific research.  We’re looking to make sure New Hampshire business owners and others stakeholders understand the truth about E-cigarettes.”

While Federal Cigar supports the ban on selling E-cigarettes to minors, it believes banning E-cigarettes in public places, like bars and restaurants, is completely unwarranted. A recent study by Drexel University scientist Igor Burstyn revealed E-cigarettes are simply not harmful to either users or bystanders.

E-cigarettes, which do not contain tobacco, resemble traditional cigarettes but they use a battery to heat a liquid nicotine solution, which creates a vapor users inhale. Some E-cigarettes can actually be charged using a USB port. The vapor that’s emitted from using an E-cigarette is odorless and harmless. Studies have indicated nicotine, by itself, without all the harmful chemicals smokers inhale when smoking traditional cigarettes, isn’t harmful, according to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. Reports compare the effects of nicotine to caffeine, according to ecigology.com.

Federal Cigar is creating a fully integrated educational campaign to include: mailings to area bars and restaurants; E-cigarette details, links and safety information on its social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter), and a special E-cigarette information section on Cloud9VaporNH.com. Additionally, as part of its campaign, Federal Cigar has created an E-cigarette hotline at 877-424-4270 to help smokers, non-smokers, business owners and others receive accurate information on E-cigarettes.

Swaine said there are many myths about the safety of E-cigarettes. For example, despite information circulating on anti-E-cigarette websites, E-cigarettes will not explode in people’s faces. E-cigarettes are not more harmful to bystanders than traditional cigarettes; on the contrary, E-cigarettes have literally no impact to bystanders. Additionally, while opponents argue E-cigarettes contain much more nicotine than a regular cigarette, the reality is that, depending on the brand, E-cigarette users can actually regulate their nicotine intake by choosing cartridges with more or less nicotine—most brands offer nicotine-free options as well.

Many smokers have turned to E-cigarettes as another tool to help them quit smoking, particularly for smokers who feel shamed and ostracized whenever they need to take a cigarette break, Swaine said. Studies have shown E-cigarettes can be extremely effective for smokers looking to quit, or reduce how much they smoke.

Cloud 9 Vapor, Federal Cigars’s newest exclusive brand, sells only the highest quality E-cigs and offers a wide variety of the finest juice flavors.

E-cigarette users say they feel better using E-cigarettes rather than smoking traditional cigarettes, reports indicated. Also, because E-cigarettes are reusable, they are much cheaper than regular cigarettes.

Federal Cigar opened its doors in 1921 in downtown Portsmouth, NH as United Tobacco. In the late 1930s, the store changed its name under new ownership and became a center for politics, current events, town business and more. The original Federal Forecast poll began in 1984 and has attracted numerous Presidential candidates and voters alike. In recent years, Federal Cigar has expanded to four stores serving all of south east New Hampshire. 

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Kate Stone May 08, 2014 at 08:34 AM
Inhaling e liquids from unknown sources increase risk of poisoning. However well known brands like EirHorse or Dekang at least are properly tested.


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