People Are Signing Up For The ACA In Hordes; One Senator Wants To Extend Open Enrollment

Despite problems people want healthcare and are using the exchanges to get it. Senator Shaheen wants to extend the open enrollment

Image from MSNBC
Image from MSNBC

There is no denying the fact that the Affordable Care Act’s (aka Obamacare) federal exchanges have had some hiccups, glitches, and major problems.  On October 1st the exchanges went live and millions of people flocked to the web to sign up.  In fact so many people went to Healthcare.Gov that the servers could not handle the volume of traffic and crashed.

Since the exchanges opened up there have been two very different responses to the website crashes.  Republicans are quick to start conspiracy theories that it is all Obama’s fault.

We are concerned that the administration required contractors to change course late in the implementation process to conceal ObamaCare’s effect on increasing health insurance premiums,” 

The people who live in reality understand that the high volume of traffic was too much for the servers to handle.  People were jumping at the chance to sign up and save money on healthcare.

The opening of state- and federal-run insurance marketplaces Tuesday saw a combination of huge interest and balky technology that led to a series of glitches, delays and even crashes that marred the first hours of the centerpiece of President Obama's health law.

‘Some of the delays were due to high volume. About 2.8 million people visited the federal website HealthCare.gov since midnight,’ said Marilyn Tavenner, director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.” (USA Today)

Nobody on the right or the left is denying the website has had problems. However every day since the rollout the updates to the equipment have been made. There has also been a decline in the number of people who are going to the site every day.  Combined that all together and you have a smoother, faster, easy to navigate website that is working for everyone.

Senator Shaheen (D-NH) has raised concern that due to the errors in the rollout there may not be enough time for all Americans to sign up before the open enrollment ends.  Shaheen is urging the White House to extend the open enrollment period past March 31, 2014 in order to give Americans more time to obtain coverage. Reports indicate that approximately 65,000 Granite Staters could buy insurance on the New Hampshire marketplace next year.

In a letter sent to President Barack Obama (below) this afternoon, Shaheen suggested extending open enrollment to “provide greater flexibility for the American people seeking to access health insurance.”  Shaheen also asked that the White House to clarify how the “individual responsibility penalty will be administered and enforced” in light of the website’s difficulties.

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One Man Wolf Pack October 23, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Last week the Republicans were "Terrorists" & "Arsonists" & "Traitors" for opposing what is this weeks national joke. Yup main stream media and the likes of NHLN really make a lot of sense. Hey NHLN, how many unions do you represent that have an exemption from this 'wonderful' law? How about you support all unions using the ACA like the rest of us have to? What do you think? No exemption for unions sound pretty good? Your clearly all for it, at least until it applies to you and your cohorts.
Ben M October 23, 2013 at 11:20 PM
The website designers told the Health and Welfare Department the software was not fully debugged and was not ready to be implemented to the public on the commitment date. Instead of saving face and delaying its implementation its is now an embarrasment. As far as Obama Care being affordable is going to be the biggest joke on the American people in the 21st century. The other joke is the American people payed this website designer around $500,000,000.00. Was this another election payback that you and I payed for?
R. Scott White October 24, 2013 at 11:21 AM
In the article referenced linked to above, it says "Anyone can shop for a plan on the marketplace, but experts expect about 65,000 people – mostly self-employed or part-time workers – will buy insurance on the New Hampshire marketplace next year. One study estimated that 52,000 people on the New Hampshire exchange will qualify for federal tax credits that are part of Obamacare, too." Almost everyone now is saying that the study is flawed first of all, but never mind that for a second. I was (emphasize WAS) one of the those 65,000 people interested. But a untrustable web site, rates that were MORE than we were quoted last year, a subsidy which is not guaranteed which no written agreement was found, and absolutely no communication except from the same BC/BS "customer service" we had before have made this a stress from what we thought was some hope. Why wasn't Health.gov tested? Why the force and hurry? Where's the communication? Who was wrong when where, and why? How long will it be before it's fixed? Who do we contact to avoid the "fine" that it looks like we'll surely incur now? I like you guys in the Labor movement, but it really looks like your heads are in the sand on this one.
R. Scott White October 24, 2013 at 11:24 AM
By the way, Ms. Shaheen wants to extend open enrollment NOT because it was such a successful program, but because of how horrible a state it's in currently.
Lincoln Dwyer October 25, 2013 at 12:06 AM
What do you ignoramuses think, this is Windows 8?? Oh! Right. You think Obama personally wrote the code, or Bill Gates fevered especially over the new edition of Windows. Have you never ever heard that government in general is a slow process?
Lincoln Dwyer October 25, 2013 at 12:06 AM
I'm skimming the comments here: @Wolfie, there are sooooo many incorrect claims in your silly rants. So, next? Oh, @Albert, likewise. You're both guilty of incredibly- false hyperbole. Get some sleep. @Mike, I'm sure you were drunk when you made your protest; there's no need to delete anything -- including, you making a fool of yourself. Thanks, apljak. @Ben! I told you to take your meds. Meds! Go to bed now! @R. Scott: Never claim "experts say..." because then we KNOW you're coming directly from Fox/Limbaugh/Beck, and it's blatantly flaccid in its attempt to argue facts, and is meant instead to mislead the public. Extending the enrollment might be a matter of circumstantial necessity, not anything Teddy Cruxbin meant when he pissed himself in the Senate for 21 hrs. (Poor page-boys had to lug buckets -- but only the Canadian ones, like him, who can never be President. Unless they aren't 'birthers!')
One Man Wolf Pack October 25, 2013 at 08:48 AM
@Lincoln Dwyer, really? So lots of Unions do not have exemptions from at least parts of the ACA? Within the last weeks Republicans, and most specifically Tea Party folks, were not likened to 'Terrorists' & 'Traitors' & 'Arsonists'? And this weeks nightly shows are not calling the ACA roll out a joke? Hell, John Stewart is even making fun of it. Please help me with my 'incorrectness', because at this point I am inclined to believe my lying eyes.
Lincoln Dwyer October 25, 2013 at 11:45 AM
I'm only going to assume that you might watch The Daily Show regularly. Because in that context, you would know why it is humorous to make fun of this current event. And, yes, several Unions are having trouble coming to terms with change. People, in general, fear adapting to change. After the worst kinks have been worked out, as in the late 1930's, when the SSA equally had bumps/hurdles during its initial roll-out, things WILL level out, and work. As I said above, the ACA roll-out is no different from the new Windows 8 (which is their main product). But that's why they're called: 'updates'. Don't fret. As for the Conservatives being called a number of titles, that's just politics as usual. Whether they're apt or not, only time will tell. So, yes, really.
One Man Wolf Pack October 25, 2013 at 12:04 PM
@Lincoln Dwyer, well it is at least nice to see that you have walked back your "incorrect claims" assertion, thank you. And, ah no, this is wildly different than the Windows 8 roll-out; we are not required by law to buy Windows 8. Which is exactly why the penalties for that requirement should be delayed until the administration is ready. But hey, that is just me, clearly some sort of racist nut job, I know.
One Man Wolf Pack October 25, 2013 at 12:14 PM
"And, yes, several Unions are having trouble coming to terms with change." Your sugar coating this a bit aren't you? So why give them an exemption? I would hate to think that it is a quid pro quo for Union political support; because that is EXACTLY what my lying eyes see.
One Man Wolf Pack October 25, 2013 at 12:34 PM
"I'm only going to assume that you might watch The Daily Show regularly. Because in that context, you would know why it is humorous to make fun of this current event." lol, why yes I do, the context I see is an administration that is so adept at the social media that they routinely make things up and the media lets them off the hook for it. An administration that is so tech savvy that is knows enough to bloat support with fake twitter accounts. An administration so widely acclaimed as tech savvy, could screw this up so badly is the exact context. Which is ironic to say the least as they could have delayed the thing and blamed it on the tea party to buy themselves more time. But they didn't, they let the government get shut down and the country go to the brink of default RATHER than even TALKING about a delay that in hindsight NOW has that ever elusive bipartisan support. So was that ego, incompetence or a Molotov Cocktail of both, running things on 1600 Pennsylvania ave? So unwilling to negotiate the absolute obvious prudent course of action, yup awesome leadership there, awesome.
Lincoln Dwyer October 25, 2013 at 02:01 PM
Wow. Wolfie. I was going easy on you, previously. I didn't think you were such an illogical diuretic. Do you use any Windows products? Then, I guess you do have to buy it. Basically, all you want is someone to agree with you that there should be a 'delay' to justify Ted Cruz/shutdown. There was never any need to negotiate anything! That was 'pure imagination.' I get all that, from your frothing above. Just pass the bill, is all. And nothing was 'walked back,' silly guy. The penalties you want to war-cry over are incredibly small (1%). Neither do they injure businesses, whether 50 employees or less. So stop masturbating Cruz's incorrect, racist, nut job claims. No one has been harmed; it hasn't even been implemented yet! There is no history yet, at all. No one has ever even claimed this administration is super-tech savvy. [You're just making things up to confuse yourself.] Just calm your imagination, Willy Wonka. Go back to your pack, and, somehow, sniff your own butt, for enlightenment. Good day.
Ben M October 25, 2013 at 07:39 PM
@Lincoln Dwyer. The only one here that needs to take their meds and go to bed is you. I don't understand why any of my legitiment comments I made in my post suggest that you tell me to take my meds and go to bed. I can only think the comment that struck a cord with you is the fact that some political buddies got paid off for their website, just like political supporters got paid off for with grants for clean energy, took the money and then went belly up. Well here is a link to help prove the political greased palms. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/10/michelle-obamas-princeton-buddy-is-exec-at-company-that-built-failed-o-care-website/ If it doesn't link to this website then cut and paste it to your browser window. Also, I personally know people that have tried to sign up for ObamaCare and have absolute sticker shock to costs and deductibles. Just wait to find out how much ObamaCare is going to cost the American people when it changes to "Obama Health Care". By the way, are you signing up for ObamaCare or do you have employer coverage?
R. Scott White October 25, 2013 at 09:28 PM
Lincoln Dwyer says: “@R. Scott: Never claim "experts say..." because then we KNOW you're coming directly from Fox/Limbaugh/Beck, and it's blatantly flaccid in its attempt to argue facts, and is meant instead to mislead the public.” I had to look again at what I wrote to see what the heck you were talking about, and finally found that I had written this: “In the article referenced linked to above, it says ‘Anyone can shop for a plan on the marketplace, but experts expect about 65,000 people – mostly self-employed or part-time workers – will buy insurance on the New Hampshire marketplace next year. One study estimated that 52,000 people on the New Hampshire exchange will qualify for federal tax credits that are part of Obamacare, too.’ " I’m very sorry to say that this quote was not from Fox News, Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh, but from Sarah Palermo from the “Concord Monitor” and it’s used as reference link in the NLRB article above. Please be more careful about hunkering down in a political tent, this is serious business and (at the moment anyway) it’s going to cost us money. This is not about crazy right wing nuts, it’s about a mistake the Obama administration is currently making, and it’s NOT political. It CAN be fixed. But the article above seems to (like I said before) have author(s) with their heads in the sand.
Sean Donahue October 26, 2013 at 07:54 AM
this article is a load of garbage. it jist came out in congressional hearings that the volume wasnt in the millions, it was in the hundreds. people dont want this.
Ray Guarino October 26, 2013 at 10:57 AM
People will do this. We all know that the Obama haters are praying to God that the program fails, just like they pray so hard for the Obama administration to fail no matter what. People will wait until the last week or two and sign up, just like they did in Massachusetts. To have insurance or not to have insurance, whether you are young or old, the answer is if it is within your grasp, then the vast majority of people will always choose to have insurance. Obamacare puts insurance withing their reach, they will do it. It's just common sense.
NPL Director October 26, 2013 at 11:32 AM
@Sean, you may want to recheck the source of your information. Bloomberg is reporting tens of thousands signing up in California alone. "California said 28,699 people were signed up in the state’s health-insurance exchange in the first week, while New York had more than 40,000 sign up. The numbers for California, the largest U.S. state by population, were for the Oct. 1 to Oct. 5 period and exceeded expectations, Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California, said at a news conference today in Sacramento. New York, the third most-populous state, said in a statement that its pace of sign-ups shows the exchange is “working smoothly.”"
One Man Wolf Pack October 26, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Hey NPL, why don't you post a link to the source? Afraid we will see that just about all are Medicare/Medicaid sign ups? Hows that playing into 'how it is supposed to work'? (Feel free to speak right up when you realize the ACA is every bit the train wreck Max Baucus said it would be)
Apljak October 26, 2013 at 11:10 PM
@Dwyer ( i can't even write the word Lincoln as I address you), For the record, I have never and will never use W8. Good luck using an ill conceived and inferior OS. You write as a person that is getting so many handouts that you can't bear to lose any of it! Just say no to the graft and the dole, the country can't continue to support leeches like yourself! Just as OMWP was saying, Obama shouldn't be gifting out exemptions and preferences to his cronies. If this is the law as it stands today, as terrible as it is, we should all be subject to it equally. I agree, there shouldn't be any delay in the mandate as this idiotic law is only going to help conservatives in 2014! Maybe it is time to take your meds which I am sure they were subsidized by us and go to bed.
Lincoln Dwyer October 28, 2013 at 07:47 PM
@Apljakoff, your taunts aren't even original -- you copied mine! I'm flattered. I write like I have an open mind. You write like a fool led by a nose-ring by Russia Limpbalm, and Sean Insanity, which are such abject lies, it's clear you have no shame nor pride. But seriously, your arguments are just opinion. Opinion you haven't even come about on your own. You are deeply embedded among the "sheeple" which correct-minded people shake their heads about.
Lincoln Dwyer October 28, 2013 at 07:52 PM
@R. White Scott, when you read something like that article, the retched stink of political influence is ripe enough, no one needs to see the direct link from the rabid, far-right media 'talking points' of the day. Though, you sound as if you're softening your stance here. Could that be Centralism?
Apljak October 28, 2013 at 09:55 PM
@LD, Like I said, enjoy all your free stuff you layabout, I am sure you have worked hard at avoiding being a productive member of society such that you could get it all! I have no need to "lie" as you say because the truth about ACA (and most every other major piece of socialistic legislation) is damaging enough about your dear leader. How long before you idiots blame W for the failure of ACA? The house of cards is slowly falling around him. The world now is seeing the administration and all of its ineptitude. Obama has done more harm to the reputation of the US than any president before him! You must be so proud!
Apljak October 29, 2013 at 08:11 AM
Obama knew most were going to lose their health insurance yet lies about it! As if we the least bit surprised!! Can't wait to hear the latest tripe in defense of this wanna-be monarch!
Apljak October 29, 2013 at 08:16 PM
At least no one is attempting to defend the actions of the Liar in Chief! Although I assume you Obama sycophants are all just waiting for the next series of talking points...
Lincoln Dwyer October 29, 2013 at 11:19 PM
@Apl-jerk, there you go again. You DO lie though, to yourself and others. You're clearly a drunkard, of the silliest and abject variety. You perfectly personify the nutty, heavily-addled mind of someone who goes running naked through the streets at night, wearing the lampshade, screaming about some phantom 'America' that doesn't exist. (Your poor neighbors.) Not to mention, making a fool of yourself in a public forum like this. Try drinking more water, and less Tea-bag Kool-aid. More importantly, it's laughably obvious you're among the millions of the Beck-misled who haven't a clue (not even close) what Socialism IS, so hide that raging 'tent'. Like Limbaugh, you rant all flushed with rage, yet you project your own insecurities and flaws onto people you dislike. It's no wonder you hate your life, and America. YOU and your ilk of Shutdown bed-fellows do more damage to our reputation, repeatedly. Not only are you deluded about me, you don't have one single brain cell that's attuned to reality. [Though it does makes me chortle, at you!] But why would you care about truth? You can't come up with an original thought of your own. Get an education, and a job. So, guy, take some time to dry out first, for the sake of your kids. There is rehab. Then try to graduate from your trailer park, without wetting your britches in public again. Good day.
Apljak October 30, 2013 at 07:54 AM
@Stinkin Dwyer (This name calling is so childish but so fun!), No facts, huh? No defense of your dear leader? Trying to do your best to sympathize with the ruling class? trying to step on others maybe to get up there yourself? I don't think you'll make it though. They like you right here trying to rassle us ne'er do wells and keep us from exposing the truths! Let us know when your talking points come...maybe we will start to hear the latest after Sebilius appears...
Lincoln Dwyer October 30, 2013 at 09:13 PM
@Apejak, you're right. You just don't matter. Besides, facts wouldn't matter to you anyway. If you'd read the ACA for yourself you'd know the answers, rather than crying about what you don't understand. I don't need to defend anything or anyone. That's your problem. And, since when did Conservatives EVER care about you? Don't fool yourself. You're a pawn of the super rich (like the Cock Bros.), who are sucking the life out of the middle class. And depend on you to stay stupid. That's why I'm saying: turn off the media, and start thinking for yourself. [I will give you a hint though: it ain't O-Boy who's takin' 'way folk'es old policies, it's the greedy corps who's undermining FOLKS, 'cause they cain't stand no idea of 'BamaCares where they cain't keep bleedin' the folks no mo'.] If you could read, you'd know better. But anyway. You bore me, son. GO SOX! Can you agree with that at least? Or are you truly a godless Fascist, like YOUR ruling class?
Apljak October 30, 2013 at 09:28 PM
@Lincoln, See, we can be nice to each other. You don't need to be attacking every time you post here on Patch. I have zero desire to read what amounts to a bad law; and it can't be overturned soon enough!! I grew up poor (by yesterday's standards not today's). Veterans housing and gov't cheese! I believe their is a need to help those that are in need of it. But that help should come with a roadmap to success, not a lifetime subsidy. This includes healthcare! I don't believe that the taxpayers of the US have an obligation to subsidize the healthcare of any other than the most needy and underprivileged. We truly lived in what was the land of opportunity but that has been somewhat affected by this administration which is now turning it into a Nanny state! I climbed from poor, through the ranks of middle income and middle class to finally risk everything I had saved by becoming a business owner with a chance to help change this country and help 25 of my own employees. After 5 years, I have been fortunate and each year I improve in spite of the difficult business climate that is worsened by both the Sate of NH and this administration!! I don't know you and i apologize for my unfounded accusations as to your station in life. I was just disgusted I guess by your earlier postings insulting others. Oh well, at least we can agree...GO SOX!!
Lincoln Dwyer October 31, 2013 at 01:01 AM
@Sir-jak. Thank you. I knew, by your use of my first name; we do need peace among us. Truly. I apologize as well. There are some 'terms' you used here that I wish we could 'ban,' which are not accurate/fair. I know I have committed similar crimes. Your earlier reference to Veterans really strikes me to the heart; my father was in the Air Force, and many members of my relatives have served. I grew up living on military bases. [I still salute people/friends as a reflex.] The most horrendous crime our country commits is sending our boys to war, yet we do not respect them when they come home! But that has gone on for decades, without any honest change of appreciation. That's a war crime, to me! They served us, and the gov't treats them like spent cartridges. I've not ever asking for healthcare for people who can carry themselves. [My insurance is USAA.] I don't actually know any people who are so bad off, or are even interested in the whole Obama-care thing. The folks I know are pretty responsible for their lives, and expenses. In my vast circle, as Liberal as they may be, I've not met anyone who has even intimated they mean to take advantage of food stamps, etc. I genuinely honor that you established your own business and I pray you prosper. And I understand the extremely difficult business climate. But that climate has been effected by so many things, not just recently, which date back...too long. No pointing fingers. When I see stores/restaurants close in downtown (where I live) I feel crushed, for them. I know enough business owners downtown. I don't want to get involved in politics, even locally, because it's such a black-hearted 'profession'. Frankly, I don't trust anyone (afterwards) who goes into it. To be honest, the thing that gets me irate is when I hear facts I know being twisted for manipulative purposes. That, to me, is the same as disrespecting our troops. Anyway. Peace. Sox are King!
Apljak October 31, 2013 at 07:59 AM
@Lincoln, Nicely worded! I am in 100% agreement with your comment! And yes, we truly need to keep the pressure on Washington to offer more complete and better access to treatment for these Patriots! While it is a tremendous effort, there shouldn't have to be a need for groups like Wounded Warrior! Thanks for your kind words! God Bless to you and yours! WooHoo Sox!! Bring on the parade!


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