Ted Takacs will he get justice . He still sits in the morgue awaiting some justice , doesnt make it any easier for my family.

Today is a very rough day. For the first time in my life I had to whip the snow off my windshield, not

Because I cannot but because he always did it for  . I miss the red snow hat with the fur inside and the

Flaps over his ears. The warm cup of coffee he left me before he went out and my meds waiting for me

 nested next  to them along with my keys and phone. Such dumb but wonderful things that made our

Marriage so great. This would all be followed with the dog frolicking in snow as I bought Daddy his cup

 of warm coffee for him to take a break in the yard.

My mind is full of worries he still sits in the morgue, but at least with his favorite blanket on him. With

 many trying to get this criminal case justice for Ted. Putting up the Christmas decorations I promised I

Would for Kaleigh. Finishing some of the things for the house we choose together to make it more

 Comfortable together, for him to utilize the whole house. I have to send back all the equipment I should

 have gotten for him, thru the agencies that ignored us. The many dollars that I used to update things

like the bathroom, locks on doors so he would not go places that were dangerous. And lots of things cannot, and of course last but not least the money to cremate him


Today while I have a break at work it is important to me to make a menu for our friends of things he

Loved and pictures of places he loved. I hope the many people he touched will make a short trip by. In

Many ways he was quiet in others not so much. Like all marriages there were good and bad times and

Like all who want to make it work we made it work.

I could say another million great stories like and some not so like this one. One thing is for sure, he

 Fought from the beginning all the way to the end, he found the family he love all five of them his girls

 Angela, Julie and Marina and, his boys Nick and Rob, he was proud of them in every way, and my

 Children were very aware of all of their stories.

I have the most stories, I know the man who held man and encouraged me, and He will be in my heart forever. My nana who loved him very much and his stories and  who made him drink her god awful port wine, I hope is there to guide his way . I love you Ted all your quirky ways and in your honor left half the medicine cabinet door open.


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