Zombees on the Move, and 4 More Things

Is it Friday yet? We didn't think so.

1. Beware the Zombees: A new parasite is transforming honey bees into night flying Zombees. We won't get into the gruesome details but once infected, the zombie bees are also drawn to lights, and as the infection progresses, they begin to fly erratically and eventually lurch on the ground and die. Here's a link to the Zombee Tracker.

2. iParty Election 2012: This year's Halloween mask buzz is all about Obama vs. Romney. With the presidential election less than a week after Halloween, iParty expects Obama and Romney masks to be big sellers. iParty.com will post a weekly “Unofficial Presidential Mask Poll” during the month of October with sales results by candidate. “In the past, the sales of our masks have followed popular sentiment and have often been an early indicator of election results,” says iParty CEO Sal Perisano. “We saw it four years ago with the Obama/McCain race.  It will be interesting to see what happens this year.”

3. Wanna see Einstein's Brain? There's an app for that. The National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago launched an interactive app Tuesday that has about 350 scanned and digitized slides of Albert Einstein's brain, according to the Associated Press. The goal of the app is to give scientists, students, and anyone else who is curious the opportunity to see into the inner workings of the genius's brain.

4. Visit NH, by Way of Ventura, Ca.: We got a glimpse into what's so great about New Hampshire, via this Associated Press story in the Ventura County Star.

5. Birthday Shout Outs: Actress Melissa Sue Anderson,50;  Actor James Caviezel; 44; and tennis whiz Serena Williams, 31.


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