Oct. Indictments: Sex, Drugs and Kidnapping

George Lopez and Richard Smith, charged with kidnapping a city man at gunpoint, are among those named in October's grand jury indictments, uploaded here.

We've uploaded the latest grand jury indictments here in pdf form, handed over to Hillsborough County Superior Court (click on the pdf file below).

If you've never read through indictments, it is not always easy reading. There are sexual assaults against minors – some as young as 8; there are several drug charges for oxy and heroin. Language is unfiltered and details, while not complete, give you an idea of the scope of last month's reportable crime in the city, and the formal charges brought against defendants by the prosecutor's office.

pictured here, are formally charged in the alleged August kidnapping of a Jose Vazquez, forcing him from his home and threatening him with a gun and taser.

You can read more on Lopez and Smith, as well as the other defendants in this 69-page collection of indictments.


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