Police Respond After Caller Reported Individuals "Armed with Shotguns"

No arrests were made, and police determined the call was a false alarm.

A "panic call" by a downtown resident around 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 5 brought a strong, swift police response to the area of West Hollis and Ash streets, including squad cars, foot patrol and a SWAT team.

"Initially a call came in that someone in the neighborhood saw several individuals with shotguns in the area of Ash Street. Whether that was a prank, or they didn't see something correctly, I don't know, but we did a safety search of the area and found nothing," said Nashua Police Sgt. Michael Fauteux.

Several residents said they were alarmed by the number of police cruisers in the area including Misty Christian, who told Nashua Patch on Facebook that Ash Street was closed and she saw "tons of cops, and a SWAT truck."

Fauteux said several units swept the neighborhood, targeting one home in particular, but the search did not result in any arrests.

Mark A. Buckawicki February 06, 2013 at 05:15 PM
This story makes me wonder. What if the resident caller did see "several individuals with shotguns" and by the time NPD arrived the situation had dispersed? There is a lot of wiggle room of perception and report here for this to be just a prank or not a prank. I don't think this has to be a "did" or "did not" happen scenario.


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