Alderman Vote to Bond $2.4 Million for School Safety

Unanimous vote came following public imput last week on the subject of school safety.

Nashua Board of Alderman unanimously voted Tuesday night to bond $2,408,900 for upgrading the school access control system.

Resolution R-12-87 was sponsored by Alderman David Deane and had formal support from Aldermen Jime Donchess, Barbara Pressly, Art Craffey Jr., Kathy Vitale, Diane Sheehan, Dan Moriarty, June Caron and Richard Dowd.

Several school board members spoke in favor of the bond, which would cover the cost of various safety upgrades for Nashua schools, including alarms and monitors on all exterior and classroom doors and cameras with monitoring system and buzz-in intercom camera system at school main entrances.


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