Horn, Hemingway Vow to Unite NH Republicans

Jennifer Horn elected chairman of the NH Republican Committee.

BEDFORD – The gesture, at the very least, proved Andrew Hemingway was willing to walk the talk.

The race to become chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee has been hotly contested since Hemingway challenged former congressional candidate Jennifer Horn for the position in late November.

Yet when the votes were tabulated at the conclusion of the state GOP's annual meeting Saturday afternoon at Bedford High School, and Horn had emerged victorious, Hemingway agreed to throw out all other votes in exchange for one, his.

Hemingway stood at the microphone and cast an affirmative nod to his opponent, shook her hand and swiftly exited stage right.

Horn thanked Hemingway and promised to work with he and other Granite State Republicans to unite the party as they collectively take aim at the 2014 state and national elections.

"We're going to move forward from here today unified, one party, one effort to hold the Democrats accountable, their big spending, big government, tax-and-spend policies, we're going to be holding Maggie Hassan accountable to her campaign promises, and we're looking forward to winning again in 2014," said Horn.

"We're all on the same page already, we are a united party," she added. "Long-term Republican activist, new voices who have come to effort more recently, we're walking out the door today united, ready to take on the Democrats."

Hemingway, in his final speech prior to the vote, echoed a similar sentiment.

"Every single member of our state party needs to know that victory begins today," he said. "And when we walk from this place, may we walk as one united unit."

That seemed to be the message of the day, as virtually every local GOP leader – including U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, former congressman Frank Guinta and outgoing NH Republican Chairman Wayne MacDonald – each took their turn and urged members of their party to cast aside their differences and work together at the risk of suffering another embarrassing political setback in less than two years.

"When we stop fighting ourselves," said Ayotte, "we win."

the real Mr. Ulery February 18, 2013 at 09:11 PM
obama won the last election for one reason only, more of the voting population voted for him. if that means he told better lies then thats what it means. soon the south will rise again and we can fight off all these metro-sexual ruskies.
the real Mr. Ulery February 18, 2013 at 09:14 PM
by the south of course I mean the lesser/lower of the parties in question. that came out terribly antiquated.
JPF36 March 16, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Sonia Prince Where are you getting that Hogwash data from? Bad information from a supposed reputable web site is still BAD INFORMATION. Barry had at one time a 70% approval rating. He now has under 50% and it keeps going down every week. Barry can't seem to take the Blame for anything, It's always Bush's fault. He has been in office going on 5 years now and hasn't met his campaign promises at all. WHERE ARE THE JOBS ?? I DON'T SEE WHERE HE HAS CUT THE DEFICIT IN HALF!!!! Also why does making 11 million ILLEGAL (key word here ILLEGAL) ALIENS CITIZENS take precedent over getting LEGAL (key word here LEGAL) AMERICANS. BACK TO WORK AND BALANCING THE BUDGET. Stop giving away our money to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and get AMERICA WORKING AGAIN.
JPF36 March 16, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Barry also has quite a few OLD WHITE MEN as you have called them Sonia , but where prey tell are all the women and minorities on his Cabinet? Here is a quote from Talitha McEachin (a Black Woman ) "This is the man who bypassed fiscal issues almost entirely & campaigned relentlessly on “women’s reproductive rights” & towards women in general, as well as Hispanics & the LGBT community. He didn’t bother to campaign to black people because he knew he could ignore us & we’d still vote for him in droves. That’s just what the black vote has become – blindly faithful to the Democratic party." This pretty much sums it all up about BARRY and his MORALS. Once he is in office he forgets who got him there and does whatever he wants.
american March 16, 2013 at 05:49 PM
namely? explain why


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