How Much is Your Tax Bill Going Up?

The city's tax rate is set at $21.49.

The state Department of Revenue Administration released 2012 tax rates earlier this month. Nashua's tax rate is set at $21.49, up 2.38 percent, over last year's rate of $20.97.

That means if your home is assessed at $250,000, your property tax will increase by about $130, according to the city's Chief Assessor, Angelo Marino.

He explained that the DRA sets the tax rate based on all revenue sources submitted by the city.

Nashua by the numbers:

Town Valuation: $8,497,876,721

Town Tax: 8.56

Local Education Tax: 9.39

State Education Tax: 2.43

County Tax: 1.11

Total Tax: 21.49

Date Set: Nov 2, 2012

Marino said tax bills would be sent this week and residents would have 30 days to pay without interest.

I've uploaded the city's Tax Bill explainer here in pdf form, along with the DRA city/town assessments for the entire state, and a historical run down of past tax assessments for Nashua. Enjoy over your second cup of coffee.


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