When a College Becomes a University...

...there's the leftover Rivier College swag to deal with.

Rivier officially became on July 1, 2012, and will be ordering new supplies to reflect the Rivier University name.

So what to do with all the perfectly useful Rivier College swag?

An effort last week to collect a large number of Rivier College-branded supplies netted a large supply of items to donate to the community – including pens, pencils, folders, mouse pads, and paper.

Diana Strano, Director of Human Resources at Rivier, organized this effort with the to repurpose these items in a meaningful way rather than disposing of them. Nicole Power, Programs and Marketing Director at the Nashua Chamber, stopped by the campus August 22 to pick up the items, and the Nashua Chamber used the haul to stuff "back to school bags" for students.


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