Schools Need to Stand Up to NRA, Pressure Legislators to Fix Gun Regulations

A mother's not happy about the the lack of safety in the Nashua Schools – but more disturbed by the lack of gun laws and lack of help for mental health patients.

In response to an email that was sent to me by our Nashua School District superintendent trying to soothe parents who are worried about the safety of our children in our Nashua schools. With all due respect, in response to your letter to parents signed up to the newsletter, we do not provide any safety at most of the entrances of our Nashua schools.

When my son was adopted in 2006, he started school at Mt. Pleasant and one of my big concerns, having taught school in Crowley, Louisiana, and having dealt with criminal acts by parents at our school while I was teaching, was that I realized our schools in Nashua have no protection.

I pushed, along with other parents, while my son was at Mt. Pleasant and they finally had a camera and a buzzer installed at the door since the reception area was upstairs and the main door brought you into a stairway.  I have three children. One attends Charlotte Ave and two others are at Pennichuck Middle School. Charlotte Avenue School has a plastic little linked chain that can be unhooked and crossed at any time without anyone noticing. The windows to the reception area are to the side and people are too busy to look up even when we walk into the reception/office area to the right of the main entrance hallway; windows are high, anyone could duck and sneak by. 

Pennichuck Middle School has a main door open and the back doors open. Anyone can walk into the school and go unnoticed because, again, the main offices are located to the ride side of the main hallway and staff are busy working, not looking up when people walk in. Anyone can walk into most of our schools without being noticed. 

Something has to be done!

First, I would suggest that school boards, in Nashua and around the state, work togehter – similar to Mayors Against Illegal Guns – toward putting back stronger gun regulations.  Guns were meant to kill. Yes, it is true that knives and cars kill people; however guns kill more at one given time. Add  a machine gun with 30 rounds firing at once and many die. 

The Republican Party pushes for looser gun regulations through ALEC legislations pushed and paid for by gun lobby reps that allow gun owners to simply have to prove they are 18 to buy or carry a gun legally. Zero background checks and no licenses required.

There are a lot of great gun owners; but I also know a lot of individuals I  would never want to see as gun owners because of their lack of anger management or personalities. Many who own guns have no safety training and have no idea how to use a gun in an emergency situation. I understand  that teachers have codes during emergencies with special instruction, but nothing in place to spot danger or prevent them from entering our schools before it’s too late. 

Adolescent depression is common; it scared me that one of my children could walk to Walmart and buy a weapon fairly cheap as soon as they turn 18 years of age.

Mental health hospitals were closed down in the '80s and people with severe mental health problems were left to fend for themselves, which is why it’s super important to have gun regulations, not to take away from the responsible gun owners, but to keep them away from irresponsible hands. Example: Canada gives you a safety class and evaluation to be sure that you can be safe to own a gun, even if you simply get a license during hunting season. Safety is key.

Here are a few gun statistics that may surprise you:

We have 36,000 grocery stores in the United States and we also have 129,000 federally licensed fire arm dealers. A gun in the home is responsible for the vast majority of children killed by fire arms. An abused woman is 6 times more likely to be murdered if there is a gun in the home. A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a suicide, homocide or accident that be used in self-defense.  The gun lobby groups, the NRA, and the Republican party says, after Gabby Gifford was shot and many others, “now is not the time for gun regulations”. They said the same after Columbine shooting and the Theatre shooting.  When is the right time? It would make me very happy, I’m actually begging, if you all got together and made a statement against the gun lobby groups and demand safety by better gun regulations implemented in NH and possibly nationally. 
I truly appreciate everything the teachers in the Nashua School System have done for my children! I believe they work hard and are highly underpaid; which is why I appreciate them even more!


Sonia Prince
(mother of three that attend school in the Nashua School system)

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Billnh December 17, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Assault riffles should be for military use only. Send them to Libia.
Ray Guarino December 17, 2012 at 04:14 PM
The problem is not that there aren't enough guns out there, the problem is that there are too many guns out there. Adding more guns is not the solution, it's the problem. Americans buy guns not for their safety, they buy them for their VANITY, and they end up in the wrong hands because they are easily obtainable. Adam Lanza easily got them from his mother. His mother had too many guns, easily available to a son with mental problems. Gun culture and our fascination with guns is a big part of the problem. We need tighter laws. No more walking into gun shows and walking out with guns without a background check.
Ray Guarino December 17, 2012 at 04:16 PM
No more assault rifles available to the general public, and restrictions on the number of rounds in clips for handguns.
Ray Guarino December 17, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Tighter security at all schools. Raise taxes on the rich for better treatment for Americans with mental and emotional problems.
Ray Guarino December 17, 2012 at 04:24 PM
ALEC is a big problem. They are shills for the gun lobby and the NRA. No more assault rifles available to the general public. They were invented for soldiers to kill other soldiers in wars. Limit the number of rounds in clips on handguns. Start enforcing mental illness reporting on background checks. Conservatives complain that the laws are never enforced, and yet they pass laws making it harder to data bank information for background checks. No more walking into gun shows and walkin out with guns without a waiting period and background check. How about tracking who buys buttet proof armour? Everytime people buy electronic parts at Radio Shack, they take your name and address.
Sonia Prince December 17, 2012 at 07:22 PM
Gun laws depends on the state, and if you follow ALEC, their goal is to make all states like Arizona, no laws at all other than age.
Sonia Prince December 17, 2012 at 07:24 PM
You obviously don't read what is written and don't understand the meaning. Poverty, mental illness and guns go hand and hand; a little regulation would reduce the amount of deaths period. Do your homework!
Sonia Prince December 17, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Re-open the mental hospitals, families have no place to have their loved ones who can't take care of themselves get professional care.
One Man Wolf Pack December 17, 2012 at 08:25 PM
Hey Ray I thought is was raise taxes on the rich to close the budget gap.....now its raise taxes on the rich to pay for something else? Why is it I have never heard a liberal say RAISE MY TAXES to pay for this or that? It is always "someone else should pay for that".
Billnh December 17, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Which mental hospital needed to be re-opened for the Lanza kid ? Which one would his mother have brought him to, Teach ?
Sonia Prince December 18, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Doctors or pshychiatrist would decide....tough question?
LJoel Hackbart December 18, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Yes, how dare we liberals "exploit tragedy" in order to prevent more "tragedy" from happening in the future. Shame on us. I did not know Obama purchased Detroit. But 10 people being shot in Detroit on Friday and that happening on a regular basis is exactly the point Mr. liberal hater. You are sickening.
Billnh December 18, 2012 at 08:22 PM
So his mother was gonna put down her riffle collection to take him to a pshychiatrist ? Still waiting to hear which mental hospital was shut down, teach. Or did you make that one up ?
Sonia Prince December 19, 2012 at 05:42 PM
http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/28/3/676.full "State hospitals were once the most prominent components of U.S. public mental health systems. But a major focus of mental health policy over the past fifty years has been to close these facilities. These efforts led to a 95 percent reduction in the country’s state hospital population. However, more than 200 state hospitals remain open, serving a declining but challenging patient population. Using national and state-level data, this paper discusses the contemporary public mental hospital, the forces shaping its use, the challenges it faces, and its possible future role in the larger mental health system. Eliminating state hospitals remains a goal despite the enduring importance of the services they provide. "
Sonia Prince December 19, 2012 at 05:44 PM
9000 deaths from homicides in the US in one year; Japan 11 deaths. They simply control guns like cars: tagged and registered at sale, education and safety classes, written test, practical test......gun owners are scared yet, no complaining about the car regulations! http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2012/12/14/the-japan-lesson-can-americans-learn-from-the-country-that-has-almost-zero-gun-deaths/
Sonia Prince December 19, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Do Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shooters? Actually, No. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/12/armed-civilians-do-not-stop-mass-shootings
Seamus Carty December 22, 2012 at 02:14 AM
I agree with the assault rifle ban and the clip limitations. Security improvements at school as well. As for "tax the rich" that is already happening and going up more.
Seamus Carty December 22, 2012 at 02:22 AM
When one knows that there are "gun free zones" and that none of the workers are able to have guns to protect themselves and others, the mass murderer has no concerns about being thwarted, do they? From your link: "In the wake of the slaughters this summer at a Colorado movie theater and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, we set out to track mass shootings in the United States over the last 30 years. We identified and analyzed 62 of them, and one striking pattern in the data is this: In not a single case was the killing stopped by a civilian using a gun." This does not count the mass murders that could have happened but were stopped.... There is a recent example in Oregon. Two people died, but the murderer killed himself when an armed citizen drew a gun on him: http://www.policymic.com/articles/20891/oregon-gun-owner-stops-clackamas-shooting-spree-proving-guns-save-lives
Seamus Carty December 22, 2012 at 02:27 AM
Sometimes an armed citizen is able to save the life of a police officer: “His actions may have also saved the lives of other citizens who could have innocently walked into the situation. Under fire, the resident shooter returned fire at precisely the right moment. One of the rounds struck Conner in the thigh and staggered Conner as he turned fire on Sgt. Means,” said Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs. “Had this citizen not had a gun, this could have been a whole lot worse,” said Grubbs." http://digitaltexan.net/2012/state/texas-gunslinger-vic-stacy-wins-shootout-killer/article38007/#.UNUaQW99LoI
Sonia Prince December 22, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Not the case at the Gabby Gifford shooting...many had guns and the shooter himself said he almost shot the wrong guys.....there was a security guard with a gun at the reserves school shooting....didn't stop them...
Super Fun Size December 22, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Your Oregon example is a cartoonish misrepresentation of reality. The Conceal Carry guy could not shoot, nor could he contend with any certainty that the shooter saw him or had anything to do with his shooting himself.
Super Fun Size December 22, 2012 at 07:04 PM
You Texas story ignores that law abiding citizen who after arguing with his neighbors about their dogs decided to take his legal fire arm and murder the neighbors AND their dogs. Isn't having a gun around a hoot.....
Sonia Prince December 22, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Fort Hood, 43 casualties...there were lots of armed men there...didn't help!
Seamus Carty December 27, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Bull. The section of the camp where the shooting took place was a gun free zone. "The Fort Hood shooting was a shooting that took place on November 5, 2009 in a gun free zone at Fort Hood, the most populous U.S. military installation in the world, located just outside Killeen, Texas" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Hood_shooting
Seamus Carty December 27, 2012 at 11:02 PM
11 homicides? Try 506: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate
Sonia Prince December 27, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Two of the school shootings had armed security at the schools....I find it ironic that they felt they needed a "gun free zone"...wonder why?
Sonia Prince January 28, 2013 at 06:12 PM
More people have cars than guns but now American Gun Deaths to Exceed Traffic Fatalities by 2015 http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-12-18/american-gun-deaths-to-exceed-traffic-fatalities-by-2015
JGONH January 31, 2013 at 04:36 PM
"there were lots of armed men there" No, personal weapons were not allowed at fort hood, and the MP's (only soldiers with weapons) where far away. Keep up the lies.
JGONH January 31, 2013 at 04:38 PM
Machine guns with 30 round clips? Where does this chic come up with this stuff? An AR-15 isn't a machine gun, it's a semi-automatic. Background checks for the mentally ill? I'm all for it, too bad Adam stole those guns. Hey whatever, it's your first amendment right to say what you like. Just remember, try to TAKE my guns away and I'll use my second.
Sonia Prince January 31, 2013 at 11:32 PM
Gun didn't make these pro-gun lawmakers feel safer! hypocrites...this happened in Idaho, priceless! http://americablog.com/2013/01/idaho-gun-nut-lawmakers-freak-out-over-gun-nut-in-the-state-capitol-even-though-guns-are-permitted.html


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