Stop Anarchy

Today's tragedy is not an incident. It results from a choice for anarchy. against self-Government under a constitution created to protect certain inalienably rights. It’s time to stop anarchy

Yesterday's shooting was not a tragic "incident", but a repeated all too familiar tragedy. This infamy was made possible  by the offensive  tools of destruction that once more were provided freely.   The provision of any offensive armaments to anyone who wants it represents the choice for anarchy .  

And thus a choice against self-government under a constitution  created to protect the  people's inalienable rights to pursue life,  liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   That pursuit ended today for 26 Americans .  

This new infamous tragedy is a direct  and too often repeated result of our common abdication of responsibility to defend the public welfare by "well-regulated"  solutions.  Ownership and use of cars is regulated.   Sale and distribution of alcohol, tobacco and other dangerous substances is regulated and restricted, even at home.  But the anarchists claim their rights to any attack weapons and armaments needed to impose their will on others.  That's a choice against government and for anarchy.  

150 years ago slave owners were shown the limits of their "rights"  to "property" (sic) and to spread slavery in the territories.  50 Years ago states were shown the limits on their "rights" to "seperate but equal" (sic) development.   Is this  "right" to own and carry offensive military style armor and weaponry into churches, schools and public buildings any less ready to pass into infamy as another unfathomable moral and societal failure? As inexplicable to our offspring as the other "sic" terms? 

But the  anarchists will say that gun's don't kill.  They do.  Assault weapons were designed to kill efficiently, quickly and in large numbers and they have become  very good at it.   

The anarchists will claim that gun regulation can not be done effectively.   It can and has been done in all other civilized countries. With dramatic effects for public safety and reduced deaths by gun violence.    

The anarchists will once more role out arguments that more  guns are needed to control gun violence.  Somalia  tried that and failed.  Those extremists who believe in the right of the strongest can go there. But be quick.  Even Somalia is moving away from anarchy.    

The anarchists will claim that their guns are needed to oppose tyranny.   However,  it was gun free Tunesia that started the Arab toppling of tyrants, not gun rich Saudi Arabia.  It was the moral power of the Libyan revolution that mobilized the forces that stopped that tyrant.  It was not through the barrel of guns that the great oppressive empires of socialism and colonialism were ended.   But through those whom like Dr. King were willing to stand up against but not with violence. 

We should now remember the victims, by ensuring that their deaths are not in vain. Those responsible for allowing a 20 year old  to carry massive killing power should be held responsible for abdication of moral and constitutional responsibilities.   Not the lobbyists, not even the sales men,  however culpable these merchants of death might be.  But our own representatives,  elected to high office,  who should now uphold their oath of office to the constitution.  

For today they failed 27 Americans, including  20  children, whom above all deserved their opportunity to live  free  in pursuit of happiness.  

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Ray Guarino December 15, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Thank you Mr. Publius. Great essay.
Susan Lavoice December 16, 2012 at 04:45 PM
I totally agree with this essay, a civil and calm discussion needs to continue on this matter.
Karen December 27, 2012 at 03:34 AM
Bravo. Please lets hear more like this! And hope that people in Washington hear this message as well. Our future depends on it.
Toni M. Publius January 19, 2013 at 10:12 PM
Jim Wallis had something really important to say on the same topic that goes a little deeper: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=1931081351359106775#editor/target=post;postID=5420428314802617892


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