Flash Mob Spruce Up at Today at High Noon

Ginelle Testa will take all the help she can get at Holman Stadium.

Last weekend we had the Big Day of Serving.

Today, it's the Smaller Yet Still Spirited Day of Painting, brought to you by Ginelle Testa.

If that name is familiar, you may remember the Rivier College student who organized an Earth Day clean-up at Holman Stadium last month.

Testa is back, and looking for a few helpful hands to pitch in for round-two of what she would like to see become a frequent community clean up effort, mostly because it's the right thing to do.

And of course, regular maintenance is much easier than grueling annual clean-ups.

Testa will be waiting for you at Holman Stadium at noon today, May 26, for a hand with some painting and general sprucing up.

The event will last just two hours, until 2 p.m., so why make time to stop by and lend a hand? That will leave you plenty of time for all the other good stuff you have planned this weekend.


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